Translation blogs 73

This is a list of active translation-related blogs or blogs by translators. Where the blog is written in a language other than English, or in more than one language, this is indicated in parentheses.

If you know of a translation-related blog which you find useful and interesting, please suggest it here!

Language blogs to follow:


  1. How do I get included here? You have grabbed some of my tweets and posted stuff I shared in the proz newsletter, but haven’t visited my blog so much. Granted, it’s mostly about technology, because, despite being a translator by trade, I’m a computer geek in the blood. I do write frequently about free/open source technology advances and new releases for us translators, however. My blog is at


    • Thanks for pointing that out, Sean, I updated it. There are other great blogs that I’ve seen recently, and I’ll be adding those soon. Suggestions for others are always welcome too, of course.


    • Thanks Paul, I updated the link for now. Sorry to hear Alex has stopped work on translatortips, but the archive is still great (and it sounds like he’s having fun on other fronts).


    • Hi Tess! I follow your blog and thought it was already on the list, must’ve been an oversight on my part. I’ve added it now. Thanks, and I look forward to reading more!


  2. Hi translators! I have a question, do you know if there is an international certification body for translating agencies? thanks in advance


  3. Hello there. I have a good blog at my agency. Primarily it is made for Russian speakers, but from time to time there are good English articles as well:


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