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I’m happy to share with you the second podcast. As previously announced these podcasts are designed to provide an opportunity to hear the week’s news, highlights of site features, interviews with translators and others in the industry, and to have some fun. In today’s podcast you will find:

I hope you like it! Feedback and comments are welcome. You can reach me at romina at or via Twitter @ProZcom . podcast, 2011-05-06

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Thanks to Ramiro Gonzalo in berimbau and Juan Zabala in pandeiro for the background music!

On translator rates Reply

There was a quick poll published this week on the subject of rates. While a comprehensive survey on translator rates which takes into account factors such as language pair, field, client type, etc., is beyond the scope of a quick poll, the discussion this poll led to is an interesting one. Have a look at the discussion thread here.

Another quick poll, held at the end of 2010 asked, “Are you planning to raise your rates in 2011?”  At least 24% of those who responded said yes, and nearly 39% were thinking about it, but not certain yet.

In response to a more recent quick poll, 18.8% of respondents stated they had raised their rates this year.

A different take on this topic might be to ask, “How’s your income?”  Have you been able to sustain or raise your income from your translation-related work, and was an increase or decrease in your rates a factor, just one of various factors, or not a factor at all?

Regarding rates, there is a brief explanation of how price relates to quality published on, as well as data on standard and minimum rates reported by those in the community. View this explanation and data here.

Please share: translator who alerted colleagues about TransQuotation is target of false “scam alert” 10

TransQuotation is a website that acts as a translation job portal, with the option of paid membership to receive access to jobs. As far back as 2006, members of and of other legitimate translators’ portals have reported the unauthorized “lifting” and re-posting of jobs from their sites on TransQuotation, indicating that paid membership there is for access to work which has specifically been offered elsewhere. This re-posting of work without the knowledge or consent of the outsourcer can lead to confusion and hassle for both outsourcer and translator. site staff have taken measures since this activity first came to light to protect the job system from this activity, and legal letters were issued, but not complied with.

The false scam alert on the main page, and the information shown when it is opened

The false scam alert on the main page, and the information shown when it is opened

Recently, a member posted on his own experience with TransQuotation as a member there and to warn colleagues. After his posts and an attempt to request a refund from the site, his photo and profile information have now been posted by TransQuotation on their homepage as a scam warning, stating that he has been “banned due to illegal activities”.

I would like to urge those who read this to share this information with networks of translation colleagues, to put the warning out and help others make an informed decision when considering membership at that site. Thank you!

Update: 09 April

Additions to the "scam alert" on the home page

Over the weekend the site appears to have updated the “scam alert”, as well as added an additional link/text to the home page regarding mentoring program reloaded: share, learn and network! Reply

The mentoring program has been revived with the assistance of members of the Certified PRO Network. Translators in need of practical experience can meet established and experienced members of the Certified PRO Network and acquire experimental translation knowledge. In turn, Certified PROs have the chance to distinguish themselves as experts while possibly finding new partners for growing their translation teams.

If you are a member and are interested in participating in the Mentoring program, find more information here.

If you are a member of the Certified PRO Network and would like to volunteer as a mentor, post a “Mentor offer” in the Exchange section and contact site staff to have your name added to the list of active mentors.

What is your take on post-editing? 1

Post-editing seems to be a time-saver, a headache, a productivity-booster or an activity to be avoided at all cost, depending on who you talk to.

There is an interesting discussion that was recently started in the forums by member Michael J.W. Beijer on post-editing and how translators should approach this process. You can view this discussion and participate here.

The chances are good that demand for post-editing will continue to increase; is this good or bad for professional translators?

Have you done post-editing work recently? What are your thoughts? Can it be successfully leveraged to your advantage in your language pair(s) and field(s)?

Applying business skills to volunteer work: one volunteer/business owner’s perspective Reply

Thanks to Twitter, I came across a member’s blog and a very interesting blog post. Check out Esther van der Wal‘s  blog, IdentiTales, and her recent post, “My Two Cents: How Volunteering Changes Your Perspective of Business”. In it, Esther comments on her experience with a Translators Without Borders project and reflects on the roles of translation business owner and volunteer. Thanks Esther! Looking forward to future posts.

Announcing podcasts, and here’s the first edition 23

Good Friday, everyone! The April newsletter is on its way to your inbox, and I hope you find it interesting and informative.

I’d like to take this opportunity to announce a new feature at, the podcast. These podcasts are designed to provide an opportunity to hear the week’s news, highlights of site features, interviews with translators and others in the industry, and to have some fun. They are narrated by site staff member Romina. Have a listen to this first podcast and see what you think. If you have suggestions for items or sections you would like to hear in upcoming podcasts, feel free to post them here, or contact Romina directly at the email address romina at Enjoy! podcast, 2011-04-29

You can listen to the podcast above in your browser by clicking on the link. To download the podcast, right click on the link and choose the option to “Save link as”.