Podcast with Nataly Kelly on “Found in Translation” 2

Nataly Kelly is the VP of Market Development at Smartling, a former professional interpreter, and co-author of the book “Found in Translation: How Language Shapes Our Lives and Transforms the World.” In this interview, I had the chance to speak with Nataly about some extraordinary language professionals, the future of the industry, and how translation impacts every aspect of our lives.

“Found in Translation,” written by both Nataly Kelly and Jost Zetzsche, received the most votes in the “Best Translation Book” category of the 2013 ProZ.com community choice awards. You can see the full list of sub-categories and their winners here: http://www.proz.com/community-choice-awards

“Language is everywhere and so, as a result, translation naturally follows. When you think about religion, sports, politics, entertainment, technology, literature, the arts – translation is found in pretty much every aspect of human life, and that’s kind of the point that we wanted to make throughout the book by including so many different scenarios and so many different areas of life, to show that translation really shapes the human experience.”

You can learn more about this book by visiting the website http://www.xl8book.com/, and more about Nataly via Twitter @natalykelly

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Podcast: Interview with Nataly Kelly on her role as Chief Research Officer with Common Sense Advisory and how freelancers can benefit from market research 1

Here’s a new ProZ.com podcast. These podcasts are designed to provide an opportunity to hear the week’s news, highlights of site features, interviews with translators and others in the industry, and to have some fun (see announcement).

This week I had the chance to interview Nataly Kelly, a respected author, consultant and advisor with a specialized interest in language services and technology and Chief Research Officer at Common Sense Advisory. In this interview Nataly explains what Common Sense Advisory does and describes her role as Chief Research Officer. She also shares some insight on her view about translation technologies and what may be in store for those language service providers who do not embrace technology.

Nataly has recently published a book about Telephone Interpreting, the first book ever written about this topic. In this interview she explains why she decided to write this book and mentions some of the topics covered in it. (To get a free digital copy of the book, click here.)

During the interview, I also asked Nataly to mention the ways in which freelancers could interact with Common Sense Advisory and benefit from its research. Listen to the interview here to learn how.

ProZ.com podcast, 2011-07-29

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