Open road interview series: Govind Ayer Reply

Meet Govind Ayer: An English to Nepali translator and the ninth Apple Watch winner as part of’s campaign giveaway series in celebration of the site’s Plus package release.

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Govind Ayer at his workstation in Kathmandu

Q. How do you cope with the isolated nature of being a freelance translator?
It has been one year since I started as a freelance translator. Earlier, I worked for a private translation agency for 2 years. I didn’t feel isolated while working as an in-house translator. When I started as a freelancer, I sometimes felt isolated with no one around me to discuss the work. But, I found many ways to feel accompanied. I spent some time with my family, joined an online community and took part in various social activities. For me, the most important thing to do to get rid of the feeling of isolation is to do what makes you happy.

Q. What is the most fulfilling aspect of your career as a language professional?
For me, translation is an important study and profession. You are always increasing your level of knowledge and skill. Being specific, I love to translate any documents for unskilled and semi-skilled labors, especially those relating to their safety and facilities available to them. Because thousands of unskilled and semi-skilled people from my country go abroad to work. I feel good when I can serve them. It is challenging to translate the documents to their level of understanding. It also gives me an opportunity to give my best and build up a better relationship with the client.

Q. How has being a member of helped you meet your freelance objectives?
It is which helped me to understand the translation industry. Without the help of, it would be impossible for me to get involved in the translation. The site has provided me with a platform to find good clients and discuss things with my peers. I want to thank for this exceptional support.

Q. The theme of this campaign is ‘The Open Road’. What is next for you in your career? has provided me with many regular clients and now I rarely bid on new jobs. In this way, there is still a possibility to have more good clients. Obviously, I intend to expand my business. I have decided to move forward together with

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