What are translators working on? New ProZ.com feature Reply

wiwo_ad_2ProZ.com has just released a new “What I am working on” feature designed to enable translators to share with colleagues descriptions of the projects they are currently working on.

This new feature, initially available to ProZ.com paying members, may be particularly useful to promote the work freelancers do by sharing information about projects they are working on, or perhaps to establish a track record of the projects they have done, either for their own reference or to make others aware of the type of work they do. Or else, translators may use it to simply socialize and network with colleges in some other way.

“What I am working on” postings may include project details such as language pairs, fields, representative terms, word count and even a photo! Translators can also specify the software they are using (if any), project completeness and their location.

Already, translators are using it to share interesting projects, thereby letting colleagues and potential clients know the type of work they do and interacting with them.

For more information about this new feature, visit the “What I’m working on” page.

What are you working on? Share →

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