Meet the speaker: Sergei Leshchinsky, supporting professional QA Reply


Sergei Leshchinsky, full-time freelance translator and entrepreneur

Sergei Leshchinsky is a translator, editor and project manager graduated from Odessa State University. Since 1995, he has been participating in the Technical Assistance to the Commonwealth of Independent States project (TACIS) in Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Kazakhstan and Mongolia.

Sergei joined when the site was founded in 1999. Later, he took part in the Certified PRO Network after probing his translation ability in English to Russian, his business reliability and his online citizenship.

With at least a dozen events attended, Sergei will be presenting on the relationship between translators and editors in the context of quality assurance at the 2015 regional conference in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

The interview

How did you get started in translation and what was the most important obstacle for you to overcome in building your career as a language professional?

My translation career started when I joined a team of translators serving the TACIS project. Translation topics were diverse, ranging from garbage, water purification and ecology to fish breeding and transport corridors, among others. The most important obstacle I had to overcome was the lack of opportunities from educational institutions to actually develop practical skills and acquire technical knowledge.

Do you maintain relationships with your fellow professionals? If so, in what ways?

Of course! I use social networks, forums and meetings to keep in touch with colleagues.

What are your expectations and what can event attendees expect to learn or know from your presentation?

I expect students and professionals who attend my session to learn more about their translation work in terms of edition, and see how they can make their lives and editors’ lives easier.

What reason(s) to attend this event would you give to someone who is not yet sure of whether to attend or not?

Anyone interested in learning about quality criteria and control, among other topics of interest to language professionals, should attend this event. Regional conference in Kharkiv, Ukraine

Join Sergei and other language professionals on November 21st in Kharkov, Ukraine, for this conference and have the chance to learn, network and have fun!


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