Meet the speaker: Irina Lebedeva, translators, editors and QA Reply


Irina Lebedeva, certified technical translator

Irina Lebedeva is a certified technical translator, editor and sales manager who provides training and advice on the technical aspects of translation and on how to optimize translation work. She is also an International Conference Speaker, a Professional Trainer and a volunteer translator for Translators without Borders.

With more than nine years of experience, Irina joined in 2007 and she has attended more than twenty conferences so far! This time, Irina will be presenting on the relationship between translators and editors in the context of quality assurance at the 2015 regional conference in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

The interview

How did you get started in translation and what was the most important obstacle for you to overcome in building your career as a language professional?

The first time I tried my hand at translation was by joining a team of translators for a big project. The deadline was tight and the volume huge, but everything worked almost ideally. The project was incredibly difficult, but I endured. I believe this was probably the most difficult and exhausting project of my career.

The hardest part was to get out of my comfort zone, overcome fear and take the first step in an unknown direction, develop a new market, choose an area of specialization and put into practice new translation techniques. In my opinion, such a step should be taken quickly and decisively.

Do you maintain relationships with your fellow professionals? If so, in what ways?

Friendly and professional relationships with colleagues are essential for any translator. Group work, communication and exchanges of experiences are necessary from time to time to be able to get a view from the outside and as a safety net.

Regarding professional relationships, I do maintain a whole lot of them be it through private chats over a cup of coffee, conversations on Facebook, LinkedIn, Skype, conversations during and after conferences, and on professional forums.

Is this your first time as a event speaker? If so, what are your expectations and what can event attendees expect to learn or know from your presentation?

No, this is not my first time as a conference speaker. I already participated in three other events in the past mainly because I like sharing experiences and exchanging views with colleagues.

In my session at the upcoming regional conference in Kharkiv, attendees will be able to:

  1. Get a better understanding of editors’ expectations.
  2. Learn how to protect their work from unfair changes.
  3. Discover how to meet standards by applying QA methods.

What reason(s) to attend this event would you give to someone who is not yet sure of whether to attend or not?

Conference participation is one of the best ways to discuss industry issues and possible solutions. In addition, attending a conference represents a great opportunity to meet and communicate with colleagues, find new clients, and learn about different ways of doing translation business. Regional conference in Kharkiv, Ukraine

Join Irina and other language professionals on November 21st in Kharkov, Ukraine, for this conference and have the chance to learn, network and have fun!


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How do you deal with editors or proofreaders?

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