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It’s that time of year again! From November 2nd to the 6th, will be hosting a week-long series of free webinars, giving attendees the opportunity to sit in on workshops and informational presentations on CAT tools and other translation technologies.

Across Personal Edition for NewcomersAcross Personal Edition for Newcomers
Time: November 2nd at 13:00 GMT
Trainer: Andreas Rodemann

Have you downloaded your free Across Personal Edition and would you like to start translating right away? This webinar will provide you with the needed basic skills for a successful jump-start. We will give you a brief overview of the main features and explain the first steps with Across in a straightforward way. Among other things, you will learn how to set up relations and languages, use the translation memory and terminology system, set up translation projects, work in the translation editor, and check out finished documents. Armed with these basic skills, you will quickly get accustomed to your Across Personal Edition and will have no problems processing your first translation projects.

A beginners guide to SDL Trados Studio 2015A beginners guide to SDL Trados Studio 2015
Time: November 2nd at 15:00 GMT
Trainers: Ed Flower & Emilie Shannon

This webinar will include an overview presentation and a live demonstration of SDL Trados Studio 2015:

  • A basic introduction to Studio 2015
  • A walk through of the user interface
  • How to create and add a Translation Memory
  • How to create and add a Termbase
  • How to add an AutoSuggest Dictionary and get the most from the new AutoSuggest 2.0 feature

Atril – Unleash the potential of Déjà Vu X3 CAT toolAtril - Unleash the potential of Déjà Vu X3 CAT tool
Time: November 3rd at 15:00 GMT
Trainer: Claudio Duarte da Costa

Déjà Vu X3 Professional helps you achieve high-quality translations easily, quickly and efficiently. Join us to discover or improve how you can take full advantage of the potential of Déja Vu X3. We will go over the technology that exists only in Déjà Vu: DeepMiner, AutoWrite, Fuzzy Match Repair and File compability and Interoperability. In addition, we will cover some classic features: Alignment, Analysis, Pre-Translation, AutoTranslate, AutoPropagate, and AutoSearch.

TM Town – Getting the Most out of Your Translation MemoriesTM Town - Getting the Most out of Your Translation Memories
Time: November 4th at 13:00 GMT
Trainer: Kevin Dias

This webinar will go over how to get the most out of your translation memories through TM-Town’s unique translation platform. I will demo different features of TM-Town including:

  • Loading your work into TM-Town’s safe and secure system
  • Creating new multilingual termbases from terms automatically extracted from your text
  • Productivity analysis tools
  • Automatic text alignment
  • Searching your TMs
  • Selling your terminology glossaries on TM-Town’s Terminology Marketplace

MateCat - a free online CAT tool which integrates collaborative TM and MTMateCat – a free online CAT tool which integrates collaborative TM and MT
Time: November 4th at 15:00 GMT
Trainer: Alessandro Cattelan

Learn how to use MateCat – a completely free and online translation tool for LSPs and freelancers that handles 100 languages and most of the file formats used in the industry, including scanned images. Disrupting the current status quo: Offering for free what used to be charged thousands of dollars.

memoQ tips & tricksmemoQ tips & tricks
Time: November 4th at 17:00 GMT
Trainer: István Lengyel

memoQ is well-known for its unique productivity boosters. In this webinar was designed for freelance translators and reviewers, and the following features & concepts will be discussed:

  • Drag & Drop with default project template
  • The one TM and term base per language pair is a really helpful initiative for new users of memoQ and dragging and dropping files to do this makes it even easier
  • Using LiveDocs alignment
  • Using reference files in LiveDocs – If using this show how a translator can see the context of the file by right clicking on it
  • Using MatchPatch
  • Sharing TMs through LT

What makes CafeTran unique?What makes CafeTran unique?
Time: November 5th at 13:00 GMT
Trainer: Hans Lenting

This webinar will guide you in:

  • Creating a first project
  • Opening a legacy TM
  • Adding glossary entries
  • CafeTran’s unique Finding and Replacing features
  • CafeTran’s Drag & Drop concept for the Dashboard and the Target language pane

Star - Right word, right place - How do I use and maintain terminology dictionaries?STAR – Right word, right place – How do I use and maintain terminology dictionaries?
Time: November 6th at 13:00 GMT
Trainer: Kerstin Froese

To start with, you will see how easy it is to create a new database and dictionary. With this dictionary you will learn more about structures and fields that you can use in your terminology work. Next, we will put this into practice by viewing, searching, filtering, and editing terminology. Finally, we will show you various useful key combinations that will make your (terminological) life easier.

You can find the full list of all free webinars offered on – including a session on how to meet clients at – here:

Any questions? Check out the free webinar week FAQs.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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