Translators, interpreters, musicians: language professionals who make music, part two 13

Several readers wrote in after the first post showcasing language professionals who are also musicians. After entirely too long, here is part two.


Mark Bossanyi is a Bulgarian and French to English translator whose other tools of the trade are the bayan (accordion) and the accordina. Here he is with his Sofia-based band Swing Regime:

Check out more from Swing Regime on their website:


Leonardo Ledesma, an English to Spanish translator hailing from Córdoba, Argentina, is the drummer for the band Santa Kim. Here they are performing on television:

Found out more about Santa Kim at


Julia Escobio is also from Argentina, La Plata, and when she is not translating from English to Spanish, she is singing in her band Laberinto:

Julia is also a drummer. You can see more about Laberinto here:


Oliver Minck works in English to German. He is also one half of the duo Wolke, whose fourth album was released in 2012:

Oliver is now working with his new band, Die Sonne, due to release their first album this coming August:

Incidentally, Oliver won a recent translation contest, Poetry with a tune: translation of lyrics, in English to German, where the challenge was to translate the Kris Kristofferson song “Sunday Mornin’ Comin’ Down.”

Find information from and about Wolke at

And stay up to date on Die Sonne at


Martina Kunst is a Barcelona-based Spanish and English to German translator who is also a singer-songwriter, plays guitar and harmonica and who, together with band mates Milton and Xabier, recently started the band Airstone:

You can hear more from Airstone at


Itzik Greenvald-Mivtach translates English to Hebrew, plays bass, and is in not one but two bands. Radiator has been playing since 2004 and has recorded two albums to date:

Itzik’s other project, 443, was formed with his wife and has been going for the past four years:

See more from Radiator at


Gilles Bel Ange, Spanish to French translator, plays bass and keyboards for the Paris-based band Tazieff, whose first album is available now:

Check out more from Tazieff here:


Joseph Lambert is a French and Italian to English translator and long-time guitar player. Here he is with his cover band Icarus:

Joseph also writes his own music, which you can hear at

You can see more from Icarus too at


Finally, this next musician is not a translator, but he works for translators. You might not know this, but’s own Drew MacFadyen is better known as SweetLips MacFadyen in musical circles, for his serious SkillZ on the harmonica:



Well, I hope you enjoyed this one, and thank you to everyone who wrote in to share their stuff. I had a lot of fun going through and listening to everything, and I am up for a part three to this series if you are. You can reach me at I’ll leave you with a translator-musician classic, without which a list like this would not be complete, Sharon Neeman‘s “5000 Words”:


  1. Mean bit of blues harp there, Drew.
    Takes me back to my days of jamming with Jack Dupree, Memphis Slim and co. with my Hohners, in clubs in Germany back in the mid-70s.



  2. Hi everyone – there’re some amazing musicians among us as seen above !!!
    My languages are Czech, Slovak, German and English in any combination.
    Used to be a concert cellist with an international career but have had to turn into a translator after a car accident. Also, have a rich experience in music management and the arts in general.


  3. Hi, I found this article really interesting since I am also a concert violinist apart from a translator. I used to perform with the Ensemble Baroque de Nice on my baroque violin and teach in music schools. I became a translator so that I could adapt my working hours to raise my two small children.


  4. Pretty impressive stuff. I especially like Die Sonne and Tazieff’s songs.

    Here’s the one from my band, Yossarian. The name might ring a bell for literary reasons.


  5. Hey!

    Nice to know that we have so many artists among us. I translate from English to Brazilian Portuguese, and I’m a musician, writer and composer as well. One of my solo works can be found below:


  6. Hi!
    It’s so nice to share so many interests with my colleagues other that translation in itself.
    I’m a translator from English, German and Portuguese into Italian since 2002 and I’m also a singer/performer/storyteller.
    My research in the music field mainly focuses on Italian ancient music and oral transmission music, but I touch many other genres (and languages 😉 in my shows.
    …And of course, since I love Portugal, I sing fado. Here is a sample:


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