Have fun. Test your skills. Win prizes. The annual translation contest is on now. Reply


As of this writing, there are already 114 entries and 65 language pairs in the annual ProZ.com translation contest for 2014.

The theme for this contest is Celebrations. Five different source texts are available, and more may be added if suitable texts are proposed or found. Submissions last until July 31st, but don’t wait until the last moment to submit your entry!

An added feature of annual contests are the prizes. All winners receive a winner’s ribbon and certificate for their ProZ.com profiles, of course, but in addition, the following prizes will be awarded in a drawing held from among the winners:

  1. An expenses-paid trip to the ProZ.com conference of your choice (1 winner)
  2. A Dell laptop (1 winner)
  3. An iPad (3 winners)
  4. A 1TB external hard drive, to back up all of your data (5 winners)
  5. A ProZ.com coffee mug, to put on your desk or other flat surface (10 winners)

On top of that, a prize drawing will be held from among all voters in this contest, and the ProZ.com member selected will win an iPad mini. In total, there will be 21 prize drawing winners.


To see more information on this contest, see the forum announcement: http://www.proz.com/topic/267338

Or you can go straight to the contest, check out the source texts and start your entry: http://www.proz.com/translation-contests/43

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