Translators, interpreters, musicians: language professionals who make music 1

The newsletter for January featured a short item on translators who are also musicians. You can see the newsletter in the archive, here:

Several people wrote back to share what they are up to musically in response to the newsletter, and I thought it would be fun to share that with you here, along with the two translator-musicians (or musician-translators?) who were originally featured. As you will see, there is a wide range of styles represented here, and a lot of talent!


Berni Armstrong translates from Spanish to English, and resides in Spain. He was a long-standing member of the first site moderator team. Here he is performing his song “No Tengo Marca”:

He has also posted a translated version of this song, “Brand Name Blues.” You can see this and many more of his songs here.


Amy Duncan translates from Portuguese to English, and lives in Rio de Janeiro. Here she is performing with her band, Brass Tacks:

Amy is also the author of Getting Down to Brass Tacks: My Adventures in the World of Jazz, Rio, and Beyond.


Rick Treffers works in Spanish to Dutch and also lives in Spain. He has eight albums under his belt, the most recent of which contains fun songs like “Spain is different”:

You can see more from Rick at


Stefano Lodola resides in Japan, and translates Japanese, Korean and Chinese to Italian when he is not performing as a tenor and also teaching:

See more about Stefano and his new album, “Musica Scolpita” at


Jennifer Harper is a sign language interpreter in the US who also sings for the band Crimson Juliet. Their single “Insanity” is set to appear in an upcoming short film:

You can see other songs by Crimson Juliet at


Karen Henry works in Spanish to English and is currently the president of the Translators and Interpreters Association of Jamaica. She also plays the piano:


Peter Kozak is an Spanish – English translator based in Chile. Here he is on the guitar in a piece titled “Dimitri’s Lament”:


Charlie Woodward is based in the US, translates German to English and has had a long and eclectic career in music, working with some big names and also on his own.

You can check out more of Charlie’s songwriting, singing and music at


Derek Brockett is a Spanish to English translator who lives in Mexico and rocks like this with his band Medio Eskeleto:

You can hear more of Medio Eskeleto at and you can see Derek’s solo material at


If you’re not on this list and you should be, contact me at I’d be happy to put together a “part two” to this post.

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