The moderator class of 2013-2014 is up and running 2

The moderator class of 2013-2014 has stepped up and started activity this week.

Like referees in sports, moderators help to ensure fair play by enforcing a specific set of rules in a uniform manner.

As explained in a previous post, moderators are volunteer site members who monitor forum and KudoZ areas to extend and protect the pleasant, results-oriented atmosphere of the translation workplace by:

  • Greeting and guiding new participants, and helping them to properly use and benefit from what is available to them at
  • Enforcing site rules in a consistent and structured manner to maintain a constructive environment.

Thank you members who have benefited from and have chosen to give something back by playing their part in a system put in place to ensure fair play. And welcome to this new mod class!

Since applications are still being reviewed. Members are welcome to read available information on the moderator program and, if interested in serving a term as a moderator, apply.

Meet moderators »


  1. Hi Alejandro!

    The first thing you should know is that the main channel to get jobs via is direct searches outsourcers conduct in the directory of freelancers, To attract potential clients’ attention when they search the directory for service providers like you then, you will want to apply a set of strategies that include:

    1. Membership, as members are ranked ahead of non-members in the directory and are then more visible in searches. Visit this page to check your current directory ranking:

    2. Specialization. Let potential clients know what your fields of expertise are by listing fields in your profile in order –your specialty fields must be ordered accordingly, earning KudoZ points in those fields and in your top language pair, providing details in your “About me”, etc. More tips on how to show your specialization are available here:–specialize!

    3. A good profile, as your profile serves as your business card and directory listing, and it is the first impression of you that colleagues and potential clients will have when they find you at and when running web searches. You can complete your profile through your Profile Updater:

    4. KudoZ PRO points in your language pairs and fields of expertise, as this is how directory search results are ranked among the first group (members) and the second group (non-members). A few minutes of effort, a few times a month, may be all that is needed to boost your position in the freelancer directory. You can start answering KudoZ questions to earn points here:

    5. PRO status, as becoming a certified PRO will allow you to network and collaborate in an environment consisting entirely of screened professionals, including companies seeking the services of Certified PROs only, (it is extremely important though that all previous strategies are put into use, and that all required information is gathered, before applying for inclusion into the Certified PRO Network).

    To learn more about these strategies, I invite you to attend one of the free webinars offered by site staff on “Meeting clients at”:

    Or else, watch this short video:

    Sorry about the long reply, but I hope it helps.

    If you have any further doubts or if you need any help with using the site, please feel free to submit a support request:


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