Some misconceptions about (freelance) translators and interpreters 19

Another video that has been around a while but that might be worth sharing (again). Some common misconceptions about translation and freelance translating, followed by a few clarifications:

Can you think of other common misconceptions about translation or what it means to be a translator?


  1. I’ll go a step further. Have you ever seen a translator’s brain activity when he/she is placed in a PET (Positron Emission Tomography) scanner ? It lights up like a Christmas tree. Translation is one of the highest brain order activities out there. Translators rarely go senile.


    • “help, it’s three in the afternoon and I’m sitting in my dressing gown”

      Is that meant to sound sexy ? LOL 😉


  2. God, I am oh-so-tempted to send this to my family… They think I sip tea all day long basking in the sun… If they only knew… I don’t spend the day in my dressing gown only because I have to walk the dog!


  3. Hi there, ladies and gentlemen! I want to ask you all a question. Who really needs a good translation? As it seems to me, the translator’s profession is dying, like that one of the typewriter. For the most of potential clients translation’s speed appears to be much more important to compare it with literary pulchritude. Am I wrong?


    • No, you right are cause me no maybe deliver not can more many translation leafs so so much cheap. me go now other work search. Most better regards Susssanne


  4. My new translation style:
    “Spot pump on head of foot and screw the screw very much some times to the left. Then put in the round tube in a hole with a wall that is with a jack on the top that is very sharp. Then let not the water not shoot out on the side of the hole. After Diaphragm made of PTFE goes back installation difficulty and Diaphragm, it installs it.”


    • Susanne, you’re my new favorite comment-maker. Let’s hope that new style doesn’t catch on, since I can imagine what the side effects would be in medical translations, technical translations, and probably absolutely-everything-else.


  5. The video is incredible. Sometimes I spend a long time on a single sentence. I know that others will read the translation, and it’s important that they understand the content.


  6. Dear Jared, this is what we get. Oups!! I just wantet to give them a blood sample from my left arm – shiit – they amputated my left leg :0(


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