The mentoring program has reached 50 mentors in 125 different language pairs and 50 languages Reply

The mentoring program, an initiative intended to provide a means for site members to meet other members who are well-established enough to take on an apprentice, work together and build translation teams, has finally reached 50 active mentors in 125 different language pairs and in 50 different languages. mentoring program

The program is particularly useful for members who, for example, have completed formal training in translation or who have acquired translation knowledge, but have a lack of practical experience. Site members just seeking advice on translation business-related issues are also welcomed.

For mentors, the program represents a useful means not only of sharing their experience and promoting themselves as experts, but also of finding new partners for growing translation teams.

Participation in this program is open to members, with members of the Certified PRO Network fulfilling the role of mentors.

If you would like to meet a mentor and acquire more experience, click here to see a complete list list of active mentors and contact them directly.  If you and your mentor agree to work together, simply report your pairing to site staff and you are ready to go!

If you are a member of the Certified PRO Network and you would like to become a mentor and further promote yourself, just submit a support request.

Congratulations to the mentors and apprentices who are making this possible!

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