Great feedback from the World Health Organization for two Translators without Borders’ volunteers 11

Some time ago Médecins du Monde posted in Translators without Borderstranslation center the translation request of a Psychological First Aid manual from English into Spanish. The translation was performed by ProZian volunteers Marisa Condurso de Nohara and Certified PRO member Juan Gaviria and it receive the following feedback from Médecins du Monde’s representative Alejandra Garcia Paton:

“Dear all, I am glad to report that the translation of the guide on Psychological first Aid has received congratulations from the experts who reviewed the text and who are currently performing the style correction. The reviews were so positive that the area dealing with emergencies in the World Health Organization, through the Organización Panameña de Salud, has decided to edit it and publish it as an official document. Doctors of the World will be included in the credits and thanks section of the guide and therefore, as we are aware that this was possible only through your collaboration, we have asked the inclusion in the guide of the names of all the volunteer translators who performed this job. ”

Congratulations to Marisa and Juan, and to the many excellent professionals who donated 2.5 millions translated words to humanitarian NGOs through Translators without Borders during 2011. Leaving a positive trace in the world is possible!


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