Podcast: Interview with Drew MacFadyen on ProZ.com’s 2011 virtual event series: “Small changes, big results” (Sep 26-30, 2011) Reply

Here’s a new ProZ.com podcast. These podcasts are designed to provide an opportunity to hear the week’s news, highlights of site features, interviews with translators and others in the industry, and to have some fun (see announcement).

As announced in a previous podcast, the International Translation Day celebration at ProZ.com (Sep 26 – Sep 30, 2011)  is almost here (only 2 more days to go!). This year there will be a big celebration under the theme “Small changes, big results!” There will be five days dedicated to this virtual event — the Certified PRO Network virtual conference (Sep 26)
, the ProZ.com site guidance day
 (Sep 27), the Recruitment day (Sep 28), The Great Translation Debate (Sep 29) and the traditional Freelance translator virtual conference (Sep 30). This week, I interviewed Drew MacFadyen,  ProZ.com Vice President of Sales and Marketing, who is in charge of the organization of the Virtual Conferences series to learn more about the events planned for the five-day celebration.

I first asked Drew how they came up with this year’s conference theme “Small changes, big results”. He mentioned that this theme reflects their desire to provide attendees with valuable information and quick suggestions that could have big results on their businesses. He also explained that all the content and sessions build upon this theme by providing simple, straightforward information that attendees can begin utilizing right away.

Drew also provided interesting details about the Recruitment day planned for September 28. This is a new initiative that will be implemented for the first time this year. He said that there are already over 100 recruitment posts from dozens of agencies and outsourcers. During this event attendees will be able to view those recruitment posts and express interest in posts where their skill set is a match for the recruitment need. Attendance is completely free (all you need is to have a profile at ProZ.com); however ProZ.com members will be able to express interest in a greater number of outsourcers.

To finish I asked Dew to provide more details about what is planned for this year’s Freelance translator virtual conference on September 30. He explained that, like in previous years, this event is open to everyone (there will be some exclusive member-only content though).

Regarding the sessions he explained that a few of ProZ.com most popular trainers and speakers will be presenting content on September 30. Some of the speakers will be: Konstantin Kisin, who will present  “Negotiation, a little effort goes a long way“, Tess Whitty, who will present “Small changes to your website that will increase your visibility and bring you more business and Suzanne Deliscar will present “Be special II in a nutshell”.

There will be  over 40 hours of content for translation professionals. Some specific content for interpreters has also been added and the needs of attendees in low bandwidth locations have been addressed by providing the sessions and streams in both high and low bandwidth viewing.  So far there are over 5,000 people registered for the event, which will  make, once more, ProZ.com’s virtual conference, the largest gathering of professional translators of the year.

Drew also mentioned that significant improvements have been made to the platform (chat and other features have been enhanced) to make the event easier to navigate.  Anyone can participate from anywhere in the world with only a computer and internet connection!

Drew highlighted the fact that from Monday September 26 until the big annual freelance translator virtual conference celebration of International Translation Day there will be over 40 hours of presentations, panel discussions, Q&A, exhibit booths, and a September 30th savings where participants will be able to purchase software, training, membership and more at up to 50% off the normal price.

During the whole interview Drew seemed very enthusiastic about the event and excited to welcome everyone virtually next week.

You can listen to the interview with Drew here: ProZ.com podcast, 2011-09-23

Don’t forget to sign up for the events planned for the free ProZ.com’s virtual event series 2011. All these events are designed to celebrate International Translation Day so you cannot miss them! There is still time to register.

Thanks for listening and see you at ProZ.com’s virtual event series 2011.

Feedback and comments are welcome. You can reach me at romina at proz.com or via Twitter @ProZcom .


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