Podcast: interview with Konstantin Kisin about productivity, negotiation and communication skills 1

Here’s a new ProZ.com podcast. These podcasts are designed to provide an opportunity to hear the week’s news, highlights of site features, interviews with translators and others in the industry, and to have some fun (see announcement).

This week I interviewed Certified PRO member and ProZ.com trainer Konstantin Kisin, who speaks at conferences all over the world on topics like managing relationships with clients, improving productivity and communication & negotiation skills to learn more about these topics.

In this interview Konstantin explains that a good negotiator is someone able to communicate with other people in a way that works for them and knows what motivates them. He describes the concept of “behavioral flexibility” which means being able to do the unexpected — being able to do things other people do not do. In the case of freelancers who are competing in the market with a lot of other freelancers it is important to stand out. From this perspective it is good to be doing things that your clients may not expect and may not get from other people. Konstantin also indicates that a good negotiator should also have confidence and that the way to achieve that confidence is to be certain about your position and of what you want from work and from life in general.

Konstantin believes that negotiation skills can be taught and that they are fun and very easy to learn. In his view, the problem with translators is that most of their communication is maintained via email and that most translators tend to work in isolated environments and are not used to face-to-face interactions with clients.

On the topic of striking a balance between work and life Konstantin mentions that the success of your business or even the quality of life that you have overall when talking about a balance depends on the kind of questions you ask yourself. The first big question that applies to all areas of like is “what do I actually want?” and the second question to ask yourself is “how do I get what I want?”.

On the topic of productivity, Konstantin explains that his approach to how translators can get more done is not so much related to translation technology but to adjusting your daily routine and habits to create a working environment and a working pattern that allows you to achieve very high levels of productivity. He emphasizes the fact that when you talk about productivity you cannot really separate things like work from rest and breaks. He firmly believes that a part of a healthy and sustainable daily routine has to include time off. He indicates that this pattern could help translators achieve a productivity level of 6000 to 8000 translated words a day.

Those interested in learning more about how to achieve high productivity levels and how to strike a balance between life and work should check Konstantin’s first blog post on this topic that will be published next Monday in this blog.

Listen to the interview with Konstantin  here: ProZ.com podcast, 2011-08-19

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