A new badge for translators without borders Reply

Translators without Borders is an independent non-profit association established in 1993, dedicated to helping NGOs extend their humanitarian work by providing free, professional translations. The funds saved through the use of volunteer translations can then be used by the NGOs in the field, enabling them to extend the scope and reach of their humanitarian work.

A platform originally designed by ProZ.com to assist Translators without Borders with screening volunteer translators following the disaster in Haiti last year has evolved into an efficient online translation center in which NGOs served by Translators without Borders can post requests for translation, and willing translators can accept and deliver the work on a pro bono basis.

Use of the new platform– and of course the professionalism and the good will of the volunteers– has enabled Translators without Borders to donate more than a million translated words in the first half of 2011.

In the words of Lori Thicke, Translators without Borders co-founder: “Thanks to the community of professional translators who support Translators without Borders, millions of words of translations are being donated each year to worthy organizations such as Medecins sans frontières, Handicap International, Action Against Hunger, GoodPlanet.org and many many more. This contribution is significant because every dollar saved is another dollar that can be spent caring for people in the field.

Now a badge has been created for the volunteers who act as translators without borders as a form of acknowledgment and appreciation for their generous contributions. This badge is displayed in their translation center profile and it displays the name of the translator and the amount of words delivered so far for Translators without Borders through the platform since January 2011. It is visible only if this amount of words is larger than zero.

Badge owners can also click on their own badge to copy the code for use in other places such as their ProZ.com profile, personal web page, profile in a social network, a discussion forum, etc. The badge will automatically update itself wherever it is placed as the number of words translated changes. There is an option to add a link to your ProZ.com profile, so the badge displayed on other sites will also lead to your profile and thus become a more powerful marketing tool.

The code needed may be different depending where the personal badge will be placed, therefore three versions are offered: HTML code, BB code and a direct URL. Feel free to submit a support request if you need help to display your personal badge in a web page.

If you are interested in volunteering for Translators without Borders you should visit the corresponding registration page and provide all the necessary information in English.

Translators without Borders has a strict screening process. However, since the members of the ProZ.com Certified PRO Network have already been screened against similar criteria, Translators without Borders has agreed to waive this process for members of the CPN. If you are a ProZ.com Certified PRO and want to become a translator without borders, please submit a support request .

Quoting Lori Thicke again:

What I love about the ProZ badge is that it’s a way for the volunteer translators to get recognition for their contribution to humanitarian work around the globe.

We can see the number of words a translator has completed right on the badge, automatically updated in real time. The contributions truly are significant, and are making a big impact. We speak to aid groups every day who share with us how much Translators without Borders helps them in their work.

So I just want to pass on a big thank you to all the ‘translators without borders’!”

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