’s First Interpreter Virtual Workshop gathers over 270 attendees Reply

On Thursday, July 21, held the First Interpreter Virtual Workshop with over 270 interpreter attendees. The event offered 3 sessions, 3 focus groups, a virtual powwow and even an interpreter story contest!

Event sessions included presentations on “Interpreting in the Global Village of the 21st Century”, “Leaving the semi-professional status behind” and “How to become an EU accredited interpreter”, and focus groups allowed attendees to discuss the state of the interpreting industry in 2011, the certification process for medical interpreters in different countries and the best ways to get the good conferences.

A special thanks goes out to event speakers:

Also, congratulations to the interpreter story contest winner, Jan VDBuckle, who won with his submission of “What about a good offer?!”.

For those who missed the event (or part of it), recordings of session presentations are available via on-demand content here. Also, speakers’ material can be downloaded here. Finally, transcripts of focus group discussions can be viewed here.

Thanks to the interpreters that attended this event! Now stay tuned for upcoming events…

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