Thank you to site moderators, class of 2010-2011 Reply

As most members know,’s KudoZ and forum areas are monitored by a group of volunteers known as “moderators“. Their role is to foster and protect the positive, results-oriented atmosphere that makes possible, by:

  • Greeting and guiding new participants, and helping them to properly use and benefit from what is available to them at
  • Enforcing site rules in a consistent and structured manner to maintain a constructive environment.

Moderators serve a one-year term, from July to June. This means that the current class of moderators is coming to an end.

I would like to take a moment then to thank the moderator class of 2010-2011 for their year of service to the community. Thank you to all of these members who have given of their time to help maintain a positive, results-oriented atmosphere on the site. Each person in the class has made valuable contributions to, and some have contributed beyond the moderator program. Thank you!

The moderator class of 2011-2012 is scheduled to begin in August. If you are a member and would like to volunteer for a one-year term as site moderator, please see or contact site staff through the support center.

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