The Translators without Borders Translation Center delivers its first file into Swahili 4

The first file translated into Swahili in the Translators without Borders Translation Center was delivered today.

This file, traslated by TwB volunteer and member Judith Prince, is part of the “Translating for life in Africa” project.

The purpose of this project, launched by the Association for Health Information and Libraries in Africa – Kenya Chapter (AHILA), is to save lives by creating a ‘library’ of basic healthcare information translated into several African languages.

People who live in rural communities in Africa have particularly fragile health because of factors such as HIV AIDS, malnutrition, lack of access to clean drinking water and tropical diseases such as malaria, dengue fever and cholera. A general shortage of doctors and nurses as well as the distance to travel to government hospitals mean that most healthcare is dispensed by community health workers.

While English literacy is high among city dwellers and well-educated professionals such as doctors, in the rural areas English skills are extremely limited. Community health workers may or may not have a good understanding of English, yet their training and their field manuals tend to be in English. Inadequate access to information is just one more burden for the rural poor in Africa to bear.

Translators without Borders needs more volunteer translators in the English to Swahili language pair in order to continue translating for life in Africa. If you are interested in volunteering please contact us by means of the “Send email” link in our profile.


  1. Hongera sana Dada Judith Prince!!

    Congratulations Sister Judith Prince!!

    Lets us together unveil Africa through the Swahili language which is arguably the fastest growing language in Africa.

    Enrique, that is good work you are doing and we as TWB hope to give our contribution to AHILA in saving lives.

    Kind personal regards,
    Mpasua Msonobari
    CEO & Founder,
    KAMPAMSO Language Centre,
    East Africa,Nairobi-Kenya

    mobile: +254 725 084 032
    direct: +254 20 261 0832
    Chat:Skype msonobari


  2. Pongezi for the work well done, giving those who do not understand English the opportunity share with the rest of the people.
    I offer myself as a volunteer to help in translating more materials, from English to Kiswahili and vice versa.


    • Dear Absolom,

      Thanks for volunteering as a translator into Kiswahili. We are very interested in your kind offer. Please contact me at my address “enrique at”.

      Kind regards,
      Enrique Cavalitto
      Translators without Borders coordinator


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