10 strategies to expand your translation business: Part 8 2

This is the eighth post in the ten-part series providing information on ten different strategies for staying competitive and growing your translation business.

Eighth strategy: Building an online presence

In addition to social networking, language professionals are encouraged to build their online presence through their own professional websites.

Creating a website geared towards building or expanding your business means creating a professionally designed website that attracts visitors, optimized and updated regularly to beat competition.

Professional translators should approach their website with a client’s eyes and make sure the essentials are there (language pairs, services offered, contact information, testimonials, sample translations or recordings, important clients, past projects, formal training, among other details). A distinctive and unique domain name showing seriousness about the services being offered will set any professional translator apart.

How can I create my own website using ProZ.com?

ProZ.com members enjoy comprehensive web hosting services for free. Professional translators can register their domain or subdomain name and create their professional-looking website in minutes without knowing any HTML. The ProZ.com website creator assembles a fully functional website in minutes using the content from profiles. Find out more about ProZ.com hosting service here.

Do you have your own website? Share it below! Did your business improve after you set up your website? How?

Don’t forget to check the next post in this series on Attending translation industry events, to be posted shortly.


  1. I guess this is a bit misleading. The point is not to just create a website, and no, you don’t have to have HTML skills. Nowadays, what is important is to how to get found on Search Engines. You can create a great-looking website, but it will be doomed if it doesn’t get found.

    The most important things are content, Search Engine Optimization, Keyword Research…etc. will make or break your website. The only exception is if creating my own website using ProZ.com will help me sort of leverage ProZ.com’s content, reputation, being an authority website in Translation niche…etc. My point is, if you’re starting from scratch, then there are many hurdles, and if ProZ.com can help, how would the above-mentioned issues be circumvented? That’s a question for Lucia to tackle.


  2. Thanks for your feedback, James!

    For those getting started, creating a professional-looking website should come before learning about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Then, when your website is up and running, you should definitely focus on the process of improving its visibility, I agree.

    How can ProZ.com help with this? Well, you should start by cross-linking your website with your ProZ.com profile. You can show your website URL in your profile by entering it here: http://www.proz.com/settings/freelancer/contact (“Web page URL”)

    Then, you can link your website to your ProZ.com profile by following the steps described here: http://www.proz.com/faq/4168#4168

    Finally, if you are creating your website using ProZ.com Site Creator, make sure you enter as many relevant keywords as you can in step 2 (“Setup”).

    Hope this helps further!


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