10 strategies to expand your translation business: Part 7 Reply

This is the seventh post in the ten-part series providing information on ten different strategies for staying competitive and growing your translation business.

Seventh strategy: Social networking

Online social networks are an excellent way to meet colleagues and keep in touch with them. They are also a great means to share industry news.

Language professionals should try social and professional networks such as Twitter and LinkedIn. These networks allow users to reach a wider market while promoting services and networking, if used as resources to set up a global business presence.

Many translation professionals have an active presence in these communities, with profiles reflecting their services, and share articles or news of interest to translators, promote their services or special discounts or surcharges, help promote translator events, and even pass jobs.

Translator blogs are also an interesting and creative option for networking, staying informed and advertising.

How can I meet colleagues in social networks through ProZ.com?

In ProZ.com Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter groups, professional translators can meet colleagues, highlight participation in industry specific discussions, share links to jobs or interesting articles, find clients and peers, and provide information on services offered, etc.

Join ProZ.com groups in social networks and start networking!

What other social networks do you know or use? Have they helped you to meet colleagues?

Next post in this series: Building an online presence. Check the blog in the next few days to learn more.

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