10 strategies to expand your translation business: Part 4 Reply

This is the fourth post in the ten-part series providing information on ten different strategies for staying competitive and growing your translation business.

Fourth strategy: Becoming a trainer

Language professionals who have specialized knowledge find that offering training on those topics is also a powerful method of networking and promotion, and an additional source of income as well.

How can ProZ.com help me to become a trainer?

It’s simple! ProZ.com provides translators and interpreters with all they need to share their knowledge and experience with others:

No previous knowledge on e-learning technologies needed.

  • Tools. ProZ.com provides you with tools to create and deliver your course content.
  • Guidelines. Comprehensive step-by-step guidelines to create your course from scratch.
  • Assistance. Personalized assistance by experienced ProZ.com staff.

A robust e-learning infrastructure to deliver your course.

  • Audience. Reach the largest audience of translation professionals in the world.
  • No Investment. No money or software investment needed. ProZ.com provides e-learning tools and platforms at no cost.
  • Multiple formats. Multiple delivery formats. You can choose the one that is most suitable for you.
  • Robust plataform. ProZ.com handles registration, promotion, sales, refunds, customer support, and certificates of attendance.

Create a new line of income for your business.

  • Profit sharing. Earn profit on sales per event conducted.
  • Royalties. Content creators also earn residual royalty income from the sale of their content.

Learn more about the different course delivery formats available to trainers at ProZ.com here.

What other ways of promoting your business while sharing your knowledge do you know?

Next part in this series: Expanding your knowledge. Stay tuned!

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