10 strategies to expand your translation business: Part 2 2

This is the second post in a ten-part series that provides information on ten different strategies for staying competitive and growing your translation business.

Second strategy: Working in teams

Working as part of a team of language professionals gives translators the chance to be involved in several projects, acquiring even more experience, and to expand the list of services they offer and the language pairs they offer those services in, expanding also their list of clients.

Many clients have expressed a preference for working with translation teams as opposed to single translators. These teams are often able to provide a suite of services, relying on the expertise of each team member. Many translators find that working in a well-built team also makes them more productive.

How can I build and coordinate with my team at ProZ.com?

ProZ.com members can create new translation teams and invite other site users to work together in different language pairs and fields of expertise, give and ask for KudoZ help to team members only, quote on jobs as a team and even share files and glossaries. You can see how this works here.

Have you ever worked as part of a team? How did it go?

Make sure you check the blog in the next few days to learn more about the third strategy: Mentoring.


  1. You don’t need Proz to create a translation team. In fact, looking for good translators on proz, especially when you are asking them to bid, is sort of counterproductive because really good people are busy working and they surely do not bid on jobs on proz because there is surely at least one guy, who is more hungry than you are, so it is a waste of time. Proz is trying to rectify this negative image by various means, but the bottom line is that Proz is in a business to make money and not to keep translators happy and rich.


  2. Hello Radek,

    Thanks for posting!

    You don’t need ProZ.com to create a translation team, true! ProZ.com does offer tools which facilitate the creation and coordination of teams, though.

    It sounds like you have not had the best experience with the job posting system, right? Note that most of the work passed on the site does not go through the job posting system, but rather through the directory and profile searches. For the most part, the client comes to the translator through this method, not the other way around. The two main ways of ensuring that contact happens are 1) membership and 2) a strong profile that shows why you are the professional to select for the types of projects you seek.

    ProZ.com is a business, that is correct, but it is also a business that depends on translators’ well being and the success of members. What have others’ experiences been with finding clients, either at ProZ.com or in general? What has worked for you, and what has not?


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