10 strategies to expand your translation business: Part 1 2

Even professional translators with years of experience continue learning and improving their skills to not only keep their business, but also expand it.

This is the first post in a ten-part series, to be posted over the next week or so,  that provides information on ten different strategies for staying competitive and growing your translation business.

First strategy: Networking

Networking should not be confused with only searching for and meeting clients. Networking can also imply meeting other fellow translators that may eventually be in need of colleagues to work on bigger projects.

Establishing relationships with potential clients and other translators will always prove to be mutually beneficial. Meeting and sharing knowledge and experience with colleagues allows language professionals to promote themselves and their business, exchange ideas, work in teams and receive support from other professional translators.

How can I network at ProZ.com?

At ProZ.com, there are several areas where language professionals can establish relationships with colleagues and potential clients, and share experiences:

  • In the KudoZ term help system, asking for and receiving help with the translation of tough terms while building a strong relationship with colleagues working in specific language pairs and fields of expertise.
  • In forums you can get and give translation help, and discuss topics of interest with colleagues and learn more through their experience. Never be afraid of posting your doubts or concerns in ProZ.com forums. There are hundreds of members using the forums on a daily basis, ready and willing to help.
  • In translation contests, meeting colleagues and sharing views on the different translation approaches depicted by each proposed translation, as well as showing and honing translation skills.
  • Through the ProZ.com Certified PRO Network, a network consisting entirely of pre-screened professionals, building a strong professional relationship with fellow language professionals.
  • In translation teams you can work together with colleagues in your language pairs and fields of expertise, give and ask for KudoZ help to team members only, quote on jobs as a team, share files and glossaries, etc. ProZ.com members can create teams and any ProZ.com user can form part of a team.
  • At powwows and other events you will meet other translators, either virtually or in person, share experiences and knowledge, and have fun with colleagues.
  • In the ProZ.com Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter groups you will have the chance to meet colleagues, highlight your participation in industry specific discussions, share links to jobs or interesting articles, find clients and peers, and provide information on services you provide, etc.
  • Through Translation news articles you will not only learn about translation industry trends, but also join discussions that originate from each article.

Networking at ProZ.com is possible in almost every site area. It’s up to you to meet and network with colleagues!

What advice for others would you add on networking? What has worked for you? What hasn’t?

The next part in this series will explain the benefits of working in teams. Stay tuned…


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