Time for a new ProZ.com podcast 2

Hi all,

A new podcast is now available. ProZ.com podcasts are designed to provide an opportunity to hear the week’s news, highlights of site features, interviews with translators and others in the industry, and to have some fun (see announcement).

In this week’s podcast you will find:

Update: You can also listen to the interview with Silvina Jover-Cirillo  in (Argentine) Spanish here.

Feedback and comments are welcome. You can reach me at romina at proz.com or via Twitter @ProZcom .

To listen to previous podcasts, check the podcasts tab in this blog.


Music: Kevin MacLeod


  1. Congratulations on the Podcast Romina. I really like the topics/news you chose to mention on this new edition. The only thing I would suggest is to turn down the volume or even to simply exclude the bakcground music while you are talking and, specially, interviewing people, as it gets really hard to understand what is being said. And once the audio is all the podcast can offer I believe it should be as clear as possible.

    Best of luck!



  2. Hi Nicole,

    Thanks for your feedback! I’m glad you like the topics/news in this new edition. I’ll take on board your suggestions in future podcasts.

    Stay tuned!



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