Great work is being done by translators giving their time and expertise to worthy causes Reply

Thanks to the excellent work of Translators without Borders and the solidarity of professional translators with worthy causes, some remarkable things are happening.

The work that Translators without Borders does has been previously reported here and here. The new platform for translation work which Translators without Borders has been using to scale up their activity (and therefore the number of organizations and people who can be helped), has assisted in producing more fast, first-rate translation for those in need.

Here are a couple of examples:

Yesterday, a document was sent in by Living Dreams in Japan, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting orphans in Japan. Within no time at all, the translation work was picked up by a generous translation professional. Less than a day later, it was done, and Translators without Borders had begun helping to meet the needs of another NGO.

In another case, an NGO need was posted at 15:30; the job was accepted by a another volunteer translator at 16:55, who then delivered the translated document at 19:23, only 2 hours and 28 minutes later. At the same time, the client was notified automatically through the translation center platform. The work order was due in six days, but it was posted and completed in under four hours. The document got to those who needed it well before they were expecting it.

Meeting the needs of these non-profit organizations quickly is important, but speed is not everything, of course; what is heartening and worth highlighting is the number of professionals giving of their time and skill so willingly to these worthy causes, and making a difference.

If you are interested in learning more about the work Translators without Borders does, please visit and follow the new Translators without Borders blog.

Have you allotted some of your time and talent to non-profit causes? What were they? If not, would you, and what would they be?

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