A taste of May in translation Reply

ProZ.com’s May newsletter is on its way to you now. Some highlights include:

Thanks to everyone who participated in the recent conference in Rome, both in person and via the virtual companion events connected with the event, and congratulations to organizer Daniela Zambrini for putting together an excellent conference!

I’d like to take a moment to mention some interesting translator blog posts. If you have not read them yet, grab something to drink, take a break, and have a look:

  • Dave Grunwald over at GTS posted last week on Google’s announcement that were deprecating their Google Translate API. The news caused a bit of a stir, and Renato Beninatto also commented on the announcement and possible effects in his blog.
  • Lori Thicke posted this week regarding the opening of the Translators without Borders Translation Center platform to non-profits. It is good to see the need of non-profit organizations for translation being better and better met.

Some good tip/reference posts:

Have you come across any other interesting news items recently, or other blog posts of note?

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