Please share: translator who alerted colleagues about TransQuotation is target of false “scam alert” 10

TransQuotation is a website that acts as a translation job portal, with the option of paid membership to receive access to jobs. As far back as 2006, members of and of other legitimate translators’ portals have reported the unauthorized “lifting” and re-posting of jobs from their sites on TransQuotation, indicating that paid membership there is for access to work which has specifically been offered elsewhere. This re-posting of work without the knowledge or consent of the outsourcer can lead to confusion and hassle for both outsourcer and translator. site staff have taken measures since this activity first came to light to protect the job system from this activity, and legal letters were issued, but not complied with.

The false scam alert on the main page, and the information shown when it is opened

The false scam alert on the main page, and the information shown when it is opened

Recently, a member posted on his own experience with TransQuotation as a member there and to warn colleagues. After his posts and an attempt to request a refund from the site, his photo and profile information have now been posted by TransQuotation on their homepage as a scam warning, stating that he has been “banned due to illegal activities”.

I would like to urge those who read this to share this information with networks of translation colleagues, to put the warning out and help others make an informed decision when considering membership at that site. Thank you!

Update: 09 April

Additions to the "scam alert" on the home page

Over the weekend the site appears to have updated the “scam alert”, as well as added an additional link/text to the home page regarding


  1. Dear Jared,

    Thanks for your contribution on this issue, so far they still have the so-called “Scam Warning” on it with my picture and information. I hope this can draw more people’s attention in order to keep away from the scam site


  2. What is a bizarre give-away is their footer, which purports to make the following IP claim:

    Copyright 2003-2008
    All Rights Reserved

    So a website that offers itself as a paid (!) job portal doesn’t take itself (and their paying customers) serious enough to at least once a year check their copyright footer, yet it unflinchingly chooses to post a rather unpleasantly worded (and poorly styled) complaint as a “warning” to others? That poor impression is more reminiscing of poorly maintained scamming sites than of a site that at least aspires to inspire confidence.

    Bah humbug.

    I’d say: consider the source, caveat emptor.


    • Laurent,

      They managed to stay in this business for so long because there are too many naive and careless people among us who don’t bother even to google before investing their money…


  3. Dear Jared,
    thank u so much for your information.
    I didn’t know TQ… I find their business so awful and unfair!
    I’ve shared your info hoping that most of our colleagues put on the alert!


  4. All I can say is, Dude… I’ve been scammed out of a few grand in my time, but being personally attacked and painted as a fraud must be terrible. I’m adding this guy to my contacts, if I find anything in his language pair, I’m sending him a buzz. ^_^


  5. Hi everybody!

    My only suggestion is: never ever pay if they ask you money when offering you an opportunity for job!
    This is my rule number one and when they ask you to pay, there’s always something wrong


  6. Hi Jared,
    I’ve just discovered this article, through a post on the LinkedIn “Medical Translation” group and I’ve already tweeted it. I’ll also publish a link to this article on every site / mailing-list I’m subscribing to.
    It’s a pity that Andy does not live in Europe, because he could sue TQ for defamation, and certainly for other offences. HE is the victim here, not TQ.
    It’s a jungle out there!


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