What is your take on post-editing? 1

Post-editing seems to be a time-saver, a headache, a productivity-booster or an activity to be avoided at all cost, depending on who you talk to.

There is an interesting discussion that was recently started in the ProZ.com forums by member Michael J.W. Beijer on post-editing and how translators should approach this process. You can view this discussion and participate here.

The chances are good that demand for post-editing will continue to increase; is this good or bad for professional translators?

Have you done post-editing work recently? What are your thoughts? Can it be successfully leveraged to your advantage in your language pair(s) and field(s)?

One comment

  1. I’ve never had post-editing/retranslating/MT editing jobs before, but I would consider trying it. It could be one of the services I offer and I would probably charge per working hour, since you never know how messed up is the “translated” text. The idea is that technology grows so fast. In 15 years from now MT could do a pretty good job and then translation services would be rarely needed. I think we could try to offer such services too and specify that we give value and thought to a MT translation or we humanize a MT translation, etc. I sadly realize that many people do not really know what is translation all about. This kind of service could have more sense for some people. When I hear people saying that speaking fluently a second language makes you able to translate (and this is a very common idea), I tend to believe that it is one of the reasons why translators are paid peanuts. But clearly not everybody can personalize and humanize a text. This MT thing could actually bring us more money and recognition than translation itself. Let´s wait and see.


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