Translators Without Borders and the ProZian community work together in large humanitarian localization project 3

Translators Without Borders is an independent, non-profit association that since 1993 has been providing free, professional translations to humanitarian NGOs, enabling them to spend the saved funds in their field operations. has been supporting Translators Without Borders both in the screening of their volunteer translators via the screening center and in the posting of translation jobs, but even more important is the contribution of’s community of translators.

Since there is no time for reviewing and no room for errors in the handling of emergencies, Translators Without Borders recruits only experienced and solid professionals able to do a good job each time. Approved applicants are asked to submit one or more test translations within the system.

Since the screening requirements for the Certified PRO Network are similar, members of the CPN are admitted directly as Translators Without Borders translators.

The level of activity has been increasing steadily. Some 40,000 words were posted in January. This number rose to 88,000 words during February and over 235,000 words were posted and accepted by volunteers during the first 24 days of March.

Update on the GoodPlanet project

In the second half of February, the NGO GoodPlanet asked Translators Without Borders for help to localize their new website into as many languages as possible beyond English, French and Spanish (which were already available).

Since then, more than a hundred members of the Certified PRO Network have responded to the call for volunteers, and the localization has been already delivered to the NGO (but not yet released) in eight languages:

Another four languages are close to completion: Arabic, Russian, German and Swedish.

Other groups making progress include Portuguese, Dutch, Indonesian and Chinese, as well as Japanese, Serbian, Macedonian, Hebrew, Croatian, Slovenian, Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil and Latvian, where in most cases a single volunteer is working per language.

GoodPlanet has granted permission to all of the translators who participated in this project to use a part of the translations they performed as sample translations in their portfolios.

In addition, translators who participate in any project handled by Translators Without Borders are kindly invited to enter the relevant projects in the project history section of their profiles and these projects will be validated by Translators Without Borders (send request to ).

There is still room for translation into additional languages, and some additional volunteers would be more than welcome in several of the pairs where localization is still in progress. Source language is English or French.

Any members of the Certified PRO Network who are willing to collaborate with Translations Without Borders in general, and with GoodPlanet in particular, are welcome to contact Translators Without Borders via their profile at

For those interested in forming part of the Certified PRO Network, please visit


Update, March 30th:

Today the localizations into Russian and German were completed and delivered to GoodPlanet, taking the total of completed languages to 10.

Credit goes to:
* Russian: Natalia Mackevich, Mykhailo Voloshko, Yana Deni, Anna Konar, Valery Kaminski and a translator who asked to remain anonymous.

* German: Sabine Winter who, like Jana Novomeska in Slovak, produced the localization of the whole website into her native language.


Update, April 1st:

Today the localizations into Swedish was completed and delivered to GoodPlanet, taking the total of completed languages to 11 and the total of translated words beyond 100K.

Credit goes to Anna Smith, Christer Heljestrand, Johanna Hongell-Darsee, Victoria Eriksson, and Maria Grahm,


Update, April 5th:

Today the localizations into Arabic and Simplified Chinese were completed and delivered to GoodPlanet, taking the total of completed languages to 13.

Credit goes to:
* Arabic: Said Abouharia, Mohamed Gaafar and Heba Shawky.

* Chinese: David Zhang , Yun Lin and Susan Wang.



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