First event of 2011: Spanish-speaker virtual event 2

The first event for 2011 will be a virtual event for Spanish speakers, on January 27th.

The presentations for this event include a session on personal branding and a session on the use of voice recognition software as a means to boost productivity. There will also be focus groups and a virtual powwow, allowing attendees to network in real-time with Spanish-speaking professionals across the world.

The “Spanish virtual workshop” is free for members (non-members are also welcome to attend, with a 15 USD registration fee).

If you haven’t signed up for this event, check out the program and register at

  • Date: Thursday, January 27th
  • Time: 13:00 GMT – 17:15 GMT
  • Location: Anywhere with an Internet connection!

If you are already registered to attend, be sure suggest topics for the focus groups and vote for your favorites at

I’m looking forward to kicking off the series of events for 2011 with this workshop; look for more upcoming virtual and in-person events soon. Hope to see you there!



  1. It’s nice to see more virtual events. I would be interested in a German virtual workshop as German to English is my top language pair and virtual workshops in the different areas of expertise (my top areas are business/commerce and marketing.) I hope this would be possible some time during the year. How often are you planning these virtual workshops?


    • Hi Niraja

      Thanks for your comment. We are planning on holding between 9-11 virtual events in 2011, including the large September 30th freelance translator virtual event.

      A German virtual workshop is currently in the planning stages for later in the year. I will be sure to contact you as those plans start to take shape. Thanks again!


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